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About MedsDaily


MedsDaily is the exciting new platform providing daily updates of highly relevant information to medical professionals via specialty portals.

The Cardiology Daily is the first of the portals to go fully live, providing:

  • simple to navigate views of current and relevant cardiology information;
  • hourly updates of latest news;
  • search facility of all cardiology data in the database;
  • discussion on data;
  • interaction between community members via discussions and direct messages.

It provides an efficient solution for the busy medical professionals who need to keep up to date with ease and in close contact with colleagues regarding the very latest informaion in cardiology.


There are currently a limited number of registrations available for use of The Cardiology Daily in Pakistan, courtesy of the sponsor Pharmevo. The service will be made available to other countries after the initial trial in Pakistan. Please click here to apply for an account.



About the Sponsor, PharmEvo


PharmEvo through its programs offers diverse value added services to doctors and health care professionals.

PharmEvo is committed to play an active role in the academic and professional development of the medical fraternity.


PharmEvo has a unique tradition of creating win-win partnerships with doctors, healthcare organizations and medical institutions by offering them diverse value added services.


This partnership, which helps in the capacity building of doctors in their academic and professional domains, is essentially aimed towards the "Patients - The Ultimate Beneficiaries" enabling PharmEvo to serve the society in a better and meaningful way and to fulfill its mission.


"Our dream, a healthier society."